WayForward Technologies

Background/Concept Artist


Titles Include:

-Goosebumps the Game for PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PC & Nintendo 3DS

Background Artist  

-Ultimate Spiderman for LeapFrog's LeapTV system

Concept Artist, Background & Level Artist/Level Builder.

-Dora the Explorer for LeapFrog's LeapTV system

Concept Artist, Background & Level Artist/Level Builder.

-Disney’s Descendants for IOS

 Costume Set Artist

Tic Toc Games

Logo/Character Concept Artist


Titles Include:

-Pac-Man Pop! for IOS

Helped concept and finalize  the logo for Pac-Man Pop! which premiered on Apple's Best New Games list for the iPhone & iPad.

-Adventure Pop! for PS4, XBox One

Early character concept art

Notion Games


Background/Concept Artist


Volunteered various concept work and background illustration for friend Andrew Augustin’s startup game studio, Notion Games, LLC. (Andrew was a winner of Forbe's 2015 30 Under 30 list)

Titles Include:

-Super Ubie Island

Design and final art of a mockup custom "Super Ubie" controller for the "Controls screen.

Various promotional works for release.

*note- this is the original Super Ubie Island, not the Super Ubie Island Remix version later released

-Team Notion

Assistance in concept art for Team Notion game currently still in production

-Sushi Zoo

Concept and final background art for sushi restaurant themed game

-Pirate Game Concepts (Unreleased)

Concept Art, Game Design Concepts

Fuzebox Games


Concept Artist

-Characters & Environments


Titles Include:


Concept Art- Characters and Environments for a startup company/team developing the 3rd person shooter "Slugbot", a mod utilizing the Unreal 3 engine.

Hawaii Film Partners

Honolulu, Hawaii

Background Color Artist


-Guardians of the Power Masks

Painted Backgrounds for the animated television show "Guardians of the Power Masks", which ran in Asian markets, (China, South Korea, and more), and later premiered online.




-Co-illustrated nearly 50 educational song books together with my wife, Miriam Balsano, for use in Chinese language school for children.

-Additionally, under Covid19 lockdowns, we transitioned to creating animations for online schooling.

-Illustrations also used in promotional material, including t-shirts, signs, banners, among other things.

Lemonade Illustration Agency

Illustration Assistant


-Collaborated/assisted my wife, Miriam Balsano, who was officially represented by the Lemonade Illustration Agency, in a number of children's books and illustrations.

-Helped with character designs, prop designs, book and page layouts, background design. Both drawing and finished painting. I have covered several entire cover designs from start to finish plus inner illustrations.

Dual Brain

Concept & Illustration


Illustrated work for various Lakeland, Florida area ad clients including:

-Madden Ad Agency

-DSM- Enterprise & Government Solutions

-City of Lakeland

Lakes & Stormwater Management educational campaign; designed characters for "Toby's Water Warriors", used for CG animated commercials for air on television and local cinemas.

Eddie Pittman’s Red’s Planet

Final Touchup Assistant


Assisted in final lighting and shading touches on 5 pages of the graphic novel "Red's Planet", written and illustrated by Cartoonist/Former Disney Animation Artist, Eddie Pittman. *also the voice of Darth Vader on the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special! :)

Beyond Valley Ridge

Children’s Book Illustrator


-Illustrated the children’s book “Beyond Valley Ridge” by author Lydia Diaz in association with the Clear Blue Global Water Project. The book sheds light on the clean water crisis that plagues thousands of communities, small and large, worldwide. It helps children understand their place as global citizens.

- clearblueproject.com

Donna Raye Books

Children’s Book Illustrator


Designed and Illustrated 4 published children's books by independent author Donna Raye:

-Edison the Firefly & the Invention of the Lightbulb

-Edison the Firefly & His Buddy Bell

-Faith a Leapin': The Beginning

-Faith a Leapin': The Sign

Little Ricky Software

Illustrator 2010

Developed illustrated virtual collectibles for ShakyPlanet App on IOS.


Assistant Store Manager


Worth mentioning here, as a testament to my passion for gaming!

-Managed daily store operations

-Provided customers with exceptional shopping experience, highly relatable to their needs as gamers. Highly passionate about the products and services we offered.

-Led my stores in sales goals and intiatives

-Maintained an orderly and clean shopping environment

-Received daily shipments for processing

-Managed marketing material for display in store